Johanna Theobald

Johanna Theobald Physio Perth


  • Physiotherapist

  • Currently completing a Masters in Continence and Women’s Health

  • Qualified Personal Trainer

  • Qualified Pilates & Aquatic Exercise Instructor

Where do you work as a Physio and what type of clients do you treat on a normal day?

You’ll find me at my clinic, Invictus Physiotherapy on Pamment St, North Fremantle. My patients range from teens to new mums, experienced mums and their families! I see a lot of women at the clinic who struggle with their pelvic floor, prolapse and incontinence after giving birth. However, every day brings something new to the clinic and I love the diversity. I also see a lot of active clients, be it CrossFit and runners, through to other Physios, nurses and Doctors. Our space is welcoming and friendly and unlike other practices, feels like home! We’ve got a purpose-built Pilates and exercise rehab space as well, and host Clinical Pilates classes for those who want more tailor-made care before joining group fitness classes.

Which FitRight classes do you currently teach?

Empower and Bump&Me Aqua classes in Cockburn.

What do you love most about being a FitRight Instructor?

As a woman, it’s incredibly important for me to help and support other women. The miracle of childbirth is so special, however it can leave new mums (or experienced mums, at that!) feeling weakened and out of control. I love the role I am able to play in their journey to becoming strong and capable women, with manageable and functioning pelvic floors – able to live their new life as a mum without fear of complication. My role is a small part to play in the scheme of things but it is vital to allow women their independence, and that is pretty special.

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