Isobel Barak



  • Bachelors degree in physiotherapy

  • Clinical Pilates instructor (Cert 4)

Where do you work as a Physio and what type of clients do you treat on a normal day?

I currently work at Eric St Physiotherapy in Cottesloe treating a wide variety of patients with musculoskeletal issues. I use a combination of hands-on therapy, movement retraining and exercise therapy to alleviate pain areas and help people return to their chosen sport/activity. I am interested in women’s health and work closely with the Women’s Health physio at the practice to promote safe exercise for pregnant or post-natal women. I also enjoy running semi-private exercise sessions utilising my pilates training to assist patients in reaching their health goals.

Which FitRight classes do you currently teach?

Not currently teaching classes.

What do you love most about being a FitRight Instructor?

I love seeing pregnant women feel confident about exercise and also being part of a team that helps to educate women so they can make better health decisions is so rewarding!

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