FitRight Pregnancy Fitness Education Workshops

Pregnancy Fitness Workshop

If you’re pregnant or planning a pregnancy attending FitRight’s pregnancy fitness education workshop PregEd will give you essential information about safe exercises for pregnancy and beyond. You’ll learn it’s about much more than just kegel exercises! 


FitRight’s PregEd workshop is the perfect complement to the antenatal classes you will attend (provided by your hospital) and is highly recommended if you’re looking at attending our pregnancy fitness classes too.  

Topics Covered 

In this three hour interactive workshop, topics we’ll cover include: 

  • Your pelvic floor muscles – their function, how they are affected by pregnancy and birth, how to train them with kegel exercises, and we finish the workshop with an individual assessment of your pelvic floor muscle activation via a real time ultrasound scan of your lower abdomen.
  • Safe abdominal muscle training during and after pregnancy
  • Optimal exercise during and after pregnancy
  • How to prevent and manage back pain and pain in other areas of your body
  • How physiotherapists can assist with labour, post caesarean section, and with breastfeeding.

Attend at any stage of your pregnancy however the earlier you attend the better, as the information we cover is about preventing problems rather than waiting until they actually occur. 

Cost, Time, Dates & Location

The complete three hour workshop, including real time ultrasound assessment of the pelvic floor muscles,  will cost $120 and is eligible for a private health rebate. 


Our PregEd education workshops are held regularly, usually on Saturday or Sunday afternoons


Upcoming workshop dates for 2018: 


Sat 19th May 2018 - The Bump (Cockburn) 1-4 pm


Sun 20th May 2018 - Baby Steps (Wembley) 2-5pm


Sat 26th May 2018 - Activate Physiotherapy (Claremont)  1-4pm

Sat 30th June 2018 - Riseley Physiotherapy (Applecross) 1-4 pm