Here is an example of a 30 minute workout that is suitable for the majority of women, including those who are pregnant, who are early postnatal, or who have current issues with pelvic floor dysfunction.


And remember – if you think that ‘Pelvic Floor Friendly’ workouts suit you, this is what we specialise in at FitRight.

Maybe you’re pregnant, or early post birth, or maybe you have some pelvic floor issues that you’d like to get under control. Maybe you know that you had a pelvic floor injury after one of your births, or you have a family history of vaginal prolapse, and you want to be proactive about making sure that you minimise your risk of issues down the track. Or maybe you just know that your joints and muscles prefer lower impact options for workouts and you can’t find that offering at the gym.

If that’s you – we have you covered.

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Our Physio’s would love to help you to Get Fit The Right Way!