This is a general daily workout for the pelvic floor and explains how to incorporate quick activation exercises and sub-maximal longer hold contractions in a program. This would be very similar to the type of program that is written on a generic pelvic floor brochure, but explains how best to modify that to suit your capabilities. It is recommended to do in conjunction with one or more of the other programs to get a well rounded workout.

Did you know… FitRight we offer a range of classes that are specific to the health of your pelvic floor. You can view all classes and locations HERE. We even have online classes for those that can’t get to one of our locations each week.

Want to get into the habit of doing a pelvic floor friendly workout like this once or twice a week?

Imagine working up through progressively harder core and cardio workouts and seeing your progress while knowing that you aren’t inadvertently worsening pelvic floor issues?

I have been running a members only platform for the last couple of years where I share all of my video content – mini workouts as well as education videos on topics to do with pelvic floor health, pre/postnatal health and exercise.

It’s called FitRight Mums – Members Only! You can join HERE.