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This online platform, created by well known Women’s Health Physio Taryn Watson, has a huge selection of education and workout packages that ‘Deep Dive’ into essential Women’s Health Physio topics. The aim is to empower women with knowledge, and to prevent them ever having to utter the phrase ‘Why did nobody tell me about this?’.

As well as the main ‘Pregnancy Essentials’ and ‘Birth & Recovery Essentials’ packages, you’ll also find others such as

– Abdominal Muscle Separation

– Return To Running

– Baby Wearing & Exercising Around Your Kids

Taryn wants pregnant women and Mums of young children to feel like she went inside their head and answered all of their questions (including some they didn’t realise they needed to know!) about pelvic floor health and keeping active safely during your childbearing years and beyond.

Expo Sneak Peak Pregnant Exercises

FitRight ProfessionalEd Membership

This Membership aims to connect health and fitness professionals around the world to the FitRight ProfessionalEd program.

Previously exclusive only to FitRight Physiotherapist Instructors, these regular education sessions for health and fitness professionals will now be streamed live for Members. The live, 2-hour sessions run approximately 6-7 times a year and cover a variety of topics to do with Pregnancy, Postpartum, Menopause, Pelvic Floor Health & Exercise.

This is a great option for those who can’t get to the education sessions in person due to distance, time or other commitments, and is also a great addition for those who are attending in person but would also like the resources to look back on at their leisure.

Lastly, this is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the team of FitRight Physiotherapists and the other health and fitness professionals from around the globe who share a passion for Women’s Health & Exercise. It is a safe space to ask questions, share case studies, and look for other professionals to refer clients to, safe in the knowledge that everyone here is keeping up to date with evidence based knowledge in this area.

The cost to access the membership is $130 per 6 months or $250 per year, and includes free access to our exclusive private Facebook Group.