One of the main factors that differentiates FitRight from other exercise options is that it is essential for all participants to have an initial assessment with a physiotherapist who specialises in Women’s Health.

Unlike other pregnancy and postnatal assessments, these appointments screen for bladder, bowel and musculoskeletal issues, and assess that you are correctly activating your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. This enables the class to be adjusted to suit your personal core muscle capabilities and ensures that you aren’t doing anything that could cause or worsen common pregnancy, postnatal and women’s health related issues such as incontinence, prolapse and abdominal muscle separation.

In order to attend our classes we require that you have had an updated initial assessment since your most recent birth.

These assessments are conducted at FitRight HQ – Unit 2/40 Ardross St, Applecross WA 6153.
Cant make it to FitRight HQ? View our list of approved providers.

Initial Assessment Information

FitRight Initial Assessments are conducted at FitRight HQ in Applecross.

Which appointment type should I book?

If you are experiencing bladder, bowel or sexual pain issues please book the 60 minute FitRight Initial Assessment appointment which will allow time for an optional internal vaginal examination. Please also book this appointment if you are hoping to return to high impact exercise (including running).

If you are not experiencing any bladder, bowel or sexual pain symptoms we would suggest booking the 45 minute Initial Screening Assessment. Please note that in this assessment a brief pelvic floor screening will be done by real time ultrasound with no internal vaginal examination.

If you are unsure which appointment type you should book please contact us at

Is there any thing I should bring to my appointment?

Please attend your Initial Assessment with a comfortably full bladder in case an ultrasound assessment is required. Please bring your private health fund card as all Initial Assessment appointments are rebatable on private health insurance (code 500 – Initial Physiotherapy Consultation).

For further information please read our blog post about initial assessments to learn about:

  • Why this assessment is different to any appointments you will have with doctors and nurses during and after your pregnancy.
  • What the difference is between a non-invasive real time ultrasound assessment, and a vaginal examination of the pelvic floor muscles, and when we would recommend the latter.

Can’t make it to FitRight HQ? Find a Physiotherapist close to you

Below you will find a list of physiotherapists around Perth and Mandurah that are recommended by FitRight. You will need to ask to be booked in for a ‘FitRight Assessment’ with a physiotherapist who specialises in Women’s Health.

If your Physiotherapist is not on this list, or if they are in the public health sector, please contact us so that we can ensure that the assessment will be adequate. We will likely need you to contact the Physiotherapist (for privacy reasons) and and ask them to complete an assessment form or send a copy of your clinical notes.

Payment and bookings for the clinics listed below are completely separate to FitRight and appointment costs will vary.

Physiotherapists with extra training in Women’s Health
Physiotherapists who can perform screening assessments

Physiotherapists with extra training in Women’s Health

See these physiotherapists if you have any bladder, bowel or sexual pain issues, or if you aim to return to high level exercise.

Bumpity Bump Physiotherapy Centre
Julie Lynch
0435 259 254

Cockburn Central
Lifecare Cockburn ARC
Michelle Hall
9417 3733

Eric Street Physiotherapy
Jessica Crage
9384 9374

Impact Physiotherapy
Kate Greenfield

Body Sense Physiotherapy
Rebecca Dallin, Michelle Franklin
6401 3346

Karrinyup Physio
Jamie Maxwell
9245 1011

Peel Maternity & Family Practice
Dianne Edmonds
9534 8133

Total Concept Physio
Katie Drage
9555 9854

Jessica Vanson

Physio Inq
Taryn Anderson
9450 4433

Cosano Pelvic Health Centre
Alison Wroth
9274 5666

Mount Lawley

Mercy Physiotherapy
Michelle Murphy
9271 9422

Southcare Physiotherapy
Tamara Crook, Claire Hobson
6332 6666

Insight Physio
Rachelle Symons
9527 3844

Shoalwater Physiotherapy/The Pelvic Health Co.
Angela Pontifex
9527 2236 or 0419 960 107

Body Logic Physiotherapy Subiaco
Natalie Bull, Judith Thompson, Sarah Kenagy, Angela Pontifex
9381 7940

Lifecare Wembley
Jenny Tweedie
9489 6266

Genesis Physiotherapy
Lucy Tangney
9284 0919

West Perth
Kelly Chilvers, Libby Borman
9388 7780

Woodlands Physiotherapy
Rebecca Dallin
9445 1844

Life Ready Yokine
Libby Borman
9440 3443

Physiotherapists who can perform screening assessments only

Only book with these physiotherapists if you aren’t having any pelvic floor related issues.

Currambine and Hillarys

Live Well Physio Currambine
Amy Relo-Fisher
9304 1000