Our Women’s Health Physiotherapists will undertake a thorough assessment of your needs, with both a verbal and a physical examination if you consent, and will delve deeper into the underlying reasons behind your symptoms as well as your goals.


Women’s Health Physiotherapists, also known as Pelvic Health Physiotherapists, have not only done their undergraduate Physiotherapy degree but have also undertaken extensive post-graduate training to be able to use these titles.

You will go away from a consultation with a FitRight Women’s Health Physiotherapist feeling like you’ve been listened to and you have a comprehensive, holistic management plan in place to reach your goals.



  • Pelvic Floor Assessments

  • Pregnancy Assessments

  • Management of Vaginal Prolapse, including option to fit a support pessary

  • Management of Bladder and Bowel issues and incontinence

  • Management of Diastasis Recti (abdominal muscle separation)

  • Management of Perineal and Vaginal pain and swelling post-childbirth

  • Management of Overactive Pelvic Floor &/or Sexual Pain

  • Advice on Exercise – during and after pregnancy, exercise and pelvic floor health

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