In our individualised sessions (no double bookings here) we take the time to listen to your concerns and your aims for treatment. We want to assist you in reaching your goal, whether it is being able to walk your dog, returning to team sports or running a marathon.

We love to incorporate movement and exercise into our Musculoskeletal consults, so don’t be surprised if part of your treatment involves a workout in our dedicated clinical exercise space!

Telehealth appointments are available on request.



  • Assessment and Management of all musculoskeletal issues for women at any stage of life

  • Management of musculoskeletal issues during pregnancy – back and neck pain, hip and pelvic pain and wrist pain

  • Management of musculoskeletal issues after childbirth – back pain, neck pain and wrist pain

  • Management of back pain, neck pain, sciatica and headaches

  • Management of shoulder, elbow, arm and wrist pain

  • Management of hip, knee, ankle, calf and foot pain

  • Exercise advice and prescription during and after pregnancy

  • Exercise advice and prescription after an injury

  • Musculoskeletal screening assessments

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