Fitright HQ Applecross A centre for women's health and exercise

For many years, FitRight has been a known and trusted brand for Physio-led exercise classes for women. FitRight HQ is a dream many years in the making, to complement this exercise class service by having a collaborative clinic to holistically manage the health of Perth women during the childbearing years and beyond.


FitRight HQ is a warm, welcoming space where the FitRight Physio team can do your initial assessments for FitRight exercise classes, treat your pelvic girdle pain and other musculoskeletal niggles, assess and manage your pelvic floor issues, fit vaginal pessaries for prolapse management, and get you moving in our intimate clinical exercise sessions.

An integral part of FitRight HQ is that it is a ‘one stop shop’ for new Mums when it comes to breastfeeding issues. Best Start Lactation Consultancy has its home within FitRight HQ, with leading Lactation Consultant Eve Coote available for breastfeeding consults, and the FitRight Physios available to work with Eve to help clients with nipple damage and blocked ducts with our laser and therapeutic ultrasound treatments.

So whether you’re pregnant, you’re a new Mum, your childbearing years are behind you, or you’re not a Mum at all – we have all of your Women’s Health, Lactation & Exercise needs conveniently located under the one roof.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy

From prolapse to bladder and bowel leakage, from abdominal muscle separation to painful sex, and everything in between – we are here to help you. Issues like this are extremely common (symptomatic prolapse and incontinence have each been shown to affect approximately one-third of the female population), but finding someone who you can comfortably open up to, and who can help you to manage them in an evidence-based way, can be difficult.

The FitRight Physio team is dedicated to being this missing link in the health journey of those women who experience these symptoms.

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Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

At FitRight HQ, our physiotherapists know that Women’s Health isn’t all about pelvic floor health. During a woman’s life, we know that she is likely to suffer from different aches, pains and injuries and that these require the holistic management of a physiotherapist who truly understands the female body.

From gluteal tendinopathies to pregnancy pelvic girdle pain, and from shoulder bursitis to knee pain – our Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists are extremely experienced in managing a
a multitude of issues to do with your muscles, joints and the way your body moves.

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Clinical Exercise Classes

In our FitRight HQ clinic, we have a cosy exercise space set up for closely supervised, physio-led clinical exercise sessions. In these sessions, our Physios use their clinical reasoning skills to integrate traditional pilates with other forms of exercise such as functional training, weight lifting and cardiovascular fitness.

With a pilates reformer, wunda chair and other state-of-the-art equipment, we offer individual classes, duets and small group classes.

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Lactation Services

Did you know that the majority of new Mums will experience difficulty when establishing breastfeeding and that less than 40% of babies are exclusively breastfed at 3 months of age?

There are health professionals who have done extensive training programs to specialise as Lactation Consultants so that they can support new mothers if they are having any difficulties.

It has always been a dream for the FitRight Physio team to work together with Lactation Consultants to help holistically manage the health of new mothers, and we knew that the perfect partner would be midwife and Lactation Consultant Eve Coote and her team at Best Start Lactation Consultancy. 

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 Meet the FitRight HQ co-owners Taryn Watson and Jessica Hextall and team members

Jess Vanson, Catherine Ryan and Veronica Thompson

Fitright HQ Applecross A centre for women's health and exercise

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