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Learn the 5 Things That Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About Exercising Safely During Pregnancy

Pregnant women hear lots of buzz words like ‘pelvic floor muscles’, ‘abdominal muscle separation’ and ‘pelvic girdle pain’. We also hear many different precautions and opinions when it comes to exercising during pregnancy and how to modify what you were previously doing – but how much of this is backed up by scientific research? Which of these modifications are for the safety of the health of the baby, and which are to prevent the mother from experiencing problems?

FitRight’s Taryn Watson has a Masters degree in Women’s Health Physiotherapy, and in this easy to follow, practical e-Book, she explains in 5 steps the WHY behind each of the guidelines so that you can be empowered to make your own exercise choices.

Taryn Watson is a Specialist Physiotherapist and owner of FitRight