FitRight Initial Assessments

What does a FitRight initial assessment entail? 


An initial assessment with a physiotherapist (with additional women’s health & continence training) will include a pelvic floor assessment, abdominal muscle assessment and the formulation of some goals. We’ll be asking lots of questions, as we need to make sure we know about any bladder, bowel, pelvic floor or musculoskeletal issues before you start. 


Pelvic floor assessment

  • Because we know that 50% of women will be incorrectly using their pelvic floor muscles if only taught verbally, we need to do an individual pelvic floor assessment. 
  • Usually done non-invasively by real time ultrasound assessment through the lower abdomen.
  • If you have any symptoms such as incontinence or vaginal heaviness, or if we can’t get any activation on the ultrasound machine, then we will discuss with you the option of performing a vaginal examination of the pelvic floor muscles. 

Abdominal muscle assessment

  • Postnatally, we need to make sure that your rectus abdominus (‘six pack’) muscles have returned back to their normal position after pregnancy and are not separated from each other. This is done non-invasively by feeling your abdominal muscles while you do a small sit up.
  • Also a check to make sure that the deeper ‘core’ abdominal muscles are activating correctly and that you are not straining with common exercises.

Formulate some goals

  • We want to know what you have done for exercise in the past and what you are aiming to get back to doing in the future.
  • We’ll then work out some goals together on what you would like to get out of your FitRight classes.

If any issues arise in your initial consult, we will discuss whether you are ready for the classes or whether you need further one on one guidance.


Book Now

To book please make an appointment at your class location (you MUST specify that it is for a FitRight initial assessment to ensure you are booked with the correct physiotherapist). If your class location is not listed below, please choose one of the following locations:


Southcare Physiotherapy (Murdoch) - 9332 2132 

Lifecare Willetton – 9310 5358

Riseley Physiotherapy (Applecross) – 9364 4073

Armitage Medical Centre Kelmscott - 9390 4444

Silas St Physiotherapy (East Fremantle) - 9339 2111

Eric St Physiotherapy (Cottesloe) - 9384 9374

Lifecare Wembley - 9489 6266

Activate Physiotherapy (Claremont) - 9384 0544

Cannington Physiotherapy - 9351 8737

Karrinyup Physiotherapy - 9245 1011

Genesis Physiotherapy (Wembley) - 9284 0919

Life Ready Physio (Kate Fosdike) (Yokine) - 9276 6155

Live Well Physio (Hillarys) - 9307 8022

Live Well Physio (Currambine) - 9304 1000

Totum Physiotherapy (Willagee) - 9337 2382

Woodlands Physiotherapy - 9445 1844

South Perth Physiotherapy - 9368 6599

Lifecare Cockburn ARC - 9417 3733

Insight Physio (Rachelle Symons) (Rockingham) - 9527 3844

Total Concept Physio (Katie Drage) (Halls Head, Mandurah) - 9555 9854 (Opening 22nd Feb)

Peel Maternity & Family Practice (Dianne Edmonds) (Mandurah) - 9534 8133

4Life Physiotherapy (Johanna Brough)(Mandurah) - 9583 5200


*Assessment costs will vary between physiotherapists. Private Health Rebates apply*


Come with a comfortably full bladder for the ultrasound assessment!