Why Pool Exercise Classes Are So Great for Pregnancy, Postnatal, and Women with Pelvic Floor Issues

Aquatic fitness therapy has unique features that protect, preserve, and enhance health over the lifespan. It enables numerous health benefits, particularly cardiovascular fitness, muscle strengthening and allowing those in pain to still participate. We think its under-rated!!

Our aqua classes are a mixture of traditional aqua aerobics and therapeutic hydrotherapy. They run for 55 mins and are structured alongside music for maximal enjoyment.  


So why should you exercise in water?

The hydrostatic pressure and buoyancy of water enables you to feel weightless, depending on the depth of the pool. This is ideal if you have pain or discomfort that may otherwise limit you from exercising on land. 

Moving in the water created less ground reaction force and therefore puts less pressure through your joints and muscles, which can help you if you’re experiencing any pelvic floor muscle weakness, back pain or lower limb pain. 

Aqua exercise invites beginners, recreational and elite athletes. Regardless of previous physical fitness, aqua offers exercises that are easily modifiable to suit all levels. Our favourite part is that you’re disguised in the water so you don’t have to feel that you’ll need to compete with the lady next to you!  


Benefits for Pregnancy

  • It is safe to exercise your whole pregnancy, even up until birth!
  • Improves blood flow to the uterus & placenta
  • Reduces swelling, especially in the arms and legs
  • Reduces pain and appearance of varicose veins
  • Better temperature control when compared to land


Benefits for Postnatal recovery

  • Low impact means less strain on your joints, muscles and ligaments (and breasts!)
  • Water jogging and jumping builds cardio fitness for return to sport
  • You have options to work as easy or hard as you like


Benefits for all Women 

  • Ideal for those managing a pelvic organ prolapse and bladder incontinence
  • Allows High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with less risk of injury
  • Less muscle soreness after exercise
  • Perfect combination of fitness, resistance, coordination, relaxation and FUN


Our Classes

All of our classes are tailored to suit you! We consider your history, including pregnancy and birth journey, so we can maximise your workout! Each week the class is different, with varying equipment like noodles, dumbbells floats, kickboards and ankle weights. During the class we educate and empower women to know more about Women’s Health related topics. This opens the discussion for details that we believe every woman should know!


We offer:

  • Bump&Me Aqua – A pregnancy specific class that includes cardio, resistance, pelvic floor and relaxation 
  • Baby&Me Aqua – A class for mums with babies from 8 weeks and older. There is an option for Pool Play for baby after class which includes 20 mins of developmental play choreographed to nursery rhymes. 
  • Empower Aqua– These classes are suitable for all women of all fitness levels. 


Would you like to try one of our aqua classes? We offer trials for classes that have availability. Please visit our website to find a class near you, book online or add yourself to the waitlist. For all other enquiries email [email protected]