About FitRight Pelvic Floor Friendly Fitness Classes

About FitRight

Pelvic Floor Friendly Fitness Classes


We all want to get fit, right? But did you know that many exercise options available in the community and on exercise DVDs can cause or worsen pelvic floor issues? And did you know that these pelvic floor issues may affect more than 50% of exercising women?

Many of us are unknowingly putting ourselves at risk of urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic girdle pain, and more, by attending high impact, upper abdominal-focused fitness classes without also optimising our pelvic floor muscles.

FitRight pregnancy prenatal pilates and mums and bubs post natal pilates classes are low impact and pelvic floor friendly, while still being challenging. Classes aim to optimise flexibility, core muscle strength and posture, and have been specifically designed to be suitable for women who either have, or are at risk of having, pelvic floor dysfunction, making FitRight fitness classes ideal for women during pregnancy and after having a baby. 

The FitRight Difference

  • FitRight fitness classes developed by physiotherapist Taryn Watson, a Women’s Health & Continence specialist, with all classes conducted by qualified physiotherapists, many of whom also have post graduate qualifications in this area. 

  • FitRight pregnancy and post natal pilates fitness classes are low impact, pelvic floor friendly and suitable for beginners yet challenging enough for those who have previous pilates experience and/or were seasoned gym goers. 

  • Community volunteers to look after your bub in the same area in which you’ll be exercising, making sure you can see or hear if bub really needs you! 

  • And because we require all new participants to have an initial assessment with not only just a physiotherapist, but a Women’s Health & Continence specialist, we make sure that we know your pelvic floor before you start your classes - imperative to ensuring that you do not engage in any exercises which may be detrimental to your pelvic floor.  

For more information about FitRight’s initial assessment please visit our FAQ page. 


About FitRight Founder – Taryn Watson


Taryn is a Women's Health & Continence physiotherapist with a passion for providing pelvic floor friendly exercise options in the community. 

In 2013 Taryn completed her Masters in Continence & Women's Health Physiotherapy at Curtin University. Her master’s research project was on the incidence of stress incontinence (the leakage of urine with exertion) in women who attend gyms to exercise. The results of this study were that a staggering 50% of the women surveyed reported that they suffered from this incontinence. These results lead to Taryn starting FitRight. 

Through FitRight, Taryn is providing the community with a variety of fitness classes that people can be referred into, safe in the knowledge that they won’t be doing any exercise that could be detrimental to their pelvic floor health. 

Taryn loves that her job involves assisting women through the childbearing year and treating women and men with pelvic floor dysfunction. 


More About Taryn… 


Taryn graduated from Physiotherapy at Curtin University in 2007 and started working for Lifecare Physiotherapy at St John of God Hospital in Murdoch. During her first year as a physiotherapist, she completed the 12 month pilates trainee-ship with Lifecare.  

Over the next 4 years, Taryn worked between clinical pilates, hydrotherapy, outpatient continence & women’s health work and managing the inpatient case load on the wonderful maternity ward at St John of God Murdoch. Over this time she also commenced her Masters in Continence & Women's Health Physiotherapy at Curtin University.

In 2011 and 2012 Taryn lived in the UK and worked as a Continence & Women’s Health Physiotherapist at the Portland Hospital, a private women’s and children’s hospital in the centre of London. This was an invaluable experience and taught her a great deal about working with women of other cultures.

On returning to Perth in 2013, Taryn rejoined Lifecare and commenced the role of Senior Women’s Health Physiotherapist, and completed her Masters at Curtin University. 

In 2014 Taryn started FitRight which currently consists of pregnancy and post natal pelvic floor friendly fitness classes run across Perth and a Pregnancy Pilates DVD. More classes and DVDs will be added in the near future, as Taryn continues to train instructors to join FitRight.