Get Fit The Right Way During & After Your Pregnancy!

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Pregnancy Pilates DVD


Workout in the comfort of your own home, the perfect compliment to our Pregnancy Pilates Classes with bonus education section and FREE theraband!

Exercising in Pregnancy


Interactive workshops conducted by qualified physiotherapists with essential information about your body and exercising safely in pregnancy and beyond.

Mums and Bubs Pilates Classes


Specifically developed to support new mums, bubs are cared for by our lovely volunteers in the same area where mums workout so you’ll be able to see and hear them.


Mums Only Exercise Classes


Need a little "me time"? FitRight’s MumTime post natal exercise classes are run in the evenings when baby is in bed allowing you to focus on the class and optimise your post natal recovery.


About FitRight


We are 100% pelvic floor friendly! Get fit the right way in pregnancy and beyond with FitRight. Learn about The FitRight Difference and about founder Taryn Watson.


Frequently Asked Questions


Private health insurance rebates? What to bring to class? What does the initial assessment entail? Who are the volunteers that’ll be taking care of your baby?


Exclusive Offer

FitRight Pregnancy Pilates DVD + FREE Theraband | $29.95

Developed in Australia, by FitRight founder, pilates instructor and physiotherapist Taryn Watson, a Women's Health & Continence specialist, this workout has been especially designed to keep pregnant women fit and active and cope with their ever-changing body throughout pregnancy and beyond. 



The FitRight Difference

The FitRight Difference

  • FitRight fitness classes developed by physiotherapist Taryn Watson, a Women’s Health & Continence specialist, with all classes conducted by qualified physiotherapists, many of whom also have post graduate qualifications in this area.

  • FitRight pregnancy and post natal pilates fitness classes are low impact, pelvic floor friendly and suitable for beginners yet challenging enough for those who have previous pilates experience and/or were seasoned gym goers. 

  • Community volunteers to look after your bub in the same area in which you’ll be exercising, making sure you can see or hear if bub really needs you! 

  • And because we require all new participants to have an initial assessment with not only just a physiotherapist, but a Women’s Health & Continence specialist, we make sure that we know your pelvic floor before you start your classes - imperative to ensuring that you do not engage in any exercises which may be detrimental to your pelvic floor.  


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